*Dates subject to change with 6 months notice*

and the intention of Smiling Soul Retreats is to expose beauty, oneness and love as it exists in every one of us in our natural state.

This means learning to be truly vulnerable, open and in touch with the universe, and honouring every moment as a precious gift. Only once you’ve mastered this intricate skill, will you be able to experience boundless joy, peace, love, purpose and gratitude – and that deep sense of fulfillment that we’re all chasing on a daily basis.

In living this way, life becomes a joyful celebration.

Join Brett and his team on a journey to reignite a passion for your goals and aspirations, and unlock your inner bravery, so that you too can live with greater courage and become contagious with a new-found enthusiasm for LIFE.

It’s essentially about having the most fun, letting go, opening your heart, forging new friendships, and partaking in the ultimate celebration of life and being alive.