Prepare for your retreat to Bali


    • Reminder to check your luggage allowance with your airline directly. Travel light to leave room for your shopping.
    • Recommended airline is Singapore Air and Emirates.
    • Those coming from other destinations other than South Africa may also wish to look into Air Malaysia, and similar airlines which have arrivals into Bali, Denpasar Airport.
    • If you are arriving on the 1st day of the Retreat, book a flight to arrive into Bali latest by 12.30pm on Day 1, in Ubud.
    • Ideal flight time of arrival is between 9am-12pm
    • The Retreat ends in Canggu
    • As hotel checkout time on last day is 12pm, if you are leaving on the last day, ideal departure flight time is from 2-11pm.
  • Check the validity of your passport by ensuring that it is valid for a further 6-9 months from day of arrival.
    • Clear Copy/Scan /Photograph of your passport
    • Please ensure that the relevant page is fully visible and includes your full name, date of birth, nationality and passport number, date of issue and date of expiry.
    • Passport copies are required to secure bookings and provide pre-checkin for properties we will be staying at for the whole group.
    • Please make sure you send a copy of the same passport you are going to travel on i.e. - If you have 2 or more passports/different nationality passports, then send a copy for the one you will actually use to travel to Bali.
      Email to: [email protected]
      Or send by WhatsApp straight from your phone: +91 80064 63717
  • As you are visiting as a tourist, FREE entry visa will be stamped on your passport upon arrival, for 30 days validity and is NOT extendable.
  • Citizens of South Africa, Australia, UK, USA as well as most European countries will be issued this kind of Visa upon arrival.
  • If you have a passport not listed, please make sure to apply for the correct visa to enter Bali in one of the Indonesian embassies or consulates in your country.
  • Nationals of Yellow Fever affected countries or those who will have travelled to a Yellow Fever Zone within 6 days of arrival into Bali, must carry YELLOW FEVER VACCINATION CARD at the time of arrival in Bali. If not, you will be quarantined for 6 days upon arrival.
  • NB: If in doubt please consult your local Travel Clinic and request the advise of a specialist who will guide you with your choices.
  • We highly recommend taking out travel insurance with your travel agent.
  • This is to cover things like medical emergency evacuation, hospitalisation and treatment, missed or cancelled flights, lost or stolen luggage and items, electronics damage, activities like snorkeling and anything else you would like covered.
  • Transfers on the Retreat start and end dates are included as part of the package, but if you would like to arrive a few days earlier or leave a few days later, we can assist with your planning. The expenses for additional nights and all transfers are at your own cost.
  • Two days prior to the Retreat start date you will receive an email which will inform you of:
    • Other Retreat participants who will be on your flight
    • Contact details for the person fetching you at the airport
  • Arrival at our Hotel at the start of Retreat
    • The Hotel Rooms at the beginning of the Retreat are generally available from 2pm which is the official check-in time on Day 1 of the Retreat.
    • Depending on hotel occupancy, earlier check-in may be provided (not guaranteed).
    • There is plenty of space where you can relax should this be the case.
    • Your luggage can be stored at the concierge for safe-keeping.
    • Please take responsibility for your valuables at all points, such as passports, currency, wallet/cards and expensive items.
  • Check-out at the end of the Retreat
    • Hotel check-out time on the last day of the Retreat will be at 12pm (midday). This is the official end of the Retreat.
    • Thereafter luggage can be held at the Hotel Concierge till your airport transfer time.
    • Transfer vehicles will be arranged to leave from the Hotel to Denpasar International Airport.
    • Please keep your valuable items with you during this time after you have checked out from the hotel rooms.

Once you have landed at the international terminal, this is how you get through the airport:

  • It’s not a bad idea to move reasonably quickly towards the arrival hall and maybe go to toilet after the immigration check. This will avoid you being last in the queue - which can be quite long.
  • Keep your passports ready
  • Fill in Tax Card that is given to you on your flight.
  • Go through customs towards the exit sign and give them the tax card. You will only need ONE PER family
  • Make sure you do not bring more then IDR 100,000,000 in cash (ca. 7500 US$)
  • NO DRUGS ON YOUR PERSON - You could end up enjoying an all-inclusive holiday in Bali’s Kerobokan prison for a very long time.
  • For medically prescribed medication, check with your airline if you are allowed to carry it with you. Keep all prescribed medication in a clear plastic bag in original wrapping, with your Doctors’ note. 
  • If it takes you extra time to clear immigration, please don’t panic, your pick-up won’t leave without you and do look out for your name on the sign board.
  • The travel representative will hold up a sign in the arrival area.
  • Exit the airport and move towards our meeting point.
  • There are official money changers (not the best rates) just when you come out, and an ATM machine.
    You might need some Indonesian Rupiah’s to pay for porter service or grab a coffee so it is best to keep some local currency on you.
  • It takes an average of 1 hour 30 minutes to get to the hotel once you have landed, depending on how quickly the immigration queues are moving.
  • Arriving before or leaving after the Retreat Start and/or End Dates & Costs for extra hotel nights, transfers & excursions.
  • Hotel Svarga Loka, Ubud - Approximate charge per night for a single and a twin sharing room for early arrivals Cost: US$124 - per room / per night. This includes breakfast for up to 2 people.
  • Approximate charge for airport transfers from Airport to Ubud:
    Cost: US$40 per car

Svarga Loka, Ubud:
Ms. Sri
Email: [email protected] (Sri)
CC: [email protected]
Contact cell: +62 361 975454 (Reception)
Also CC: [email protected]

  • Hotel Aston Canggu, Canggu - Approximate rate per night for a single and a twin sharing room for staying on at the end of the Retreat:
    Special rate Approx US$122 / IDR 1,667,380net/room/night (Deluxe Lagoon room )
  • Approximate rate for Airport transfer from Aston Canggu to Airport:
    Approx. US$25 / IDR 350,000 net/car/way for max 4 persons

Aston Canggu, Canggu:
Please contact reservation team directly at [email protected]
Tel: +62 361 3023333 and mention Reference code “EXTRA STAY” to get Special rate IDR 1,667,380 net/room/night (Approx US$122 Deluxe Lagoon room) (Not applicable during high season)

CC to: [email protected]

  • Languages Spoken
    • Languages spoken in Bali on a wide scale are English, Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) & Balinese.
  • Communication
    • Local SIM cards can be purchased at the airport or close to the hotel. This is a relatively straight forward process. SIM cards are immediately activated upon purchase.
    • Average cost for a Prepaid local SIM Card costs10USD (Approx. R120) and you can be online for 30 days with a package of 4GB.
    • Local SIM cards can be used as long as you have an unlocked phone.
    • Internet facilities are also excellent throughout, which means you can catch up with folks at each stop that we make.
  • WhatsApp Group
    • Five days prior to the Retreat start date we will kick off our WhatsApp group which will be used for comments, questions and planning concerning the retreat.
    • You can post questions relevant to the retreat on the WhatsApp group chat. Any individual questions or needs should be shared with us for the duration of the Retreat directly or via individual WhatsApp
  • Ensure that you are equipped to handle any electronic transfers you may wish to do online if your bank relies on you receiving a verification code on your phone and via sms
  • All major world currencies are accepted for exchange in Bali.
  • There are plenty of ATM machines and facilities to swipe your card.
  • Remember to push up your daily limits on your cards if you plan to shop etc.
  • Sockets and plugs in Indonesia and Bali
    • Two-pin sockets and plugs with round (not flat or rectangular) are used.
    • Hotels generally should be able to assist with providing you with an adaptor if you need one.
    • Power outages may impact on your appliance so if you are not sure, it’s best to get an adaptor with a voltage regulator or pick one up in Bali.
    • If you are coming from the below countries you will need an Adapter, and the voltage should work:
      • Australia, Japan, USA, Malaysia, UK, Canada, Singapore, and some countries in Africa.
  • The Bali two-pin round plug standard is:
    • Voltage: 230 V
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Power sockets: type C / F
  • Power Cuts and Fluctuations
    • You can expect some power cuts that last a few minutes. Hotels will have back up generators.
  • Time Zone
    • Bali’s time is within WITA
    • WITA or Waktu Indonesia Tengah is 8 hours ahead of UTC, Co-ordinated Universal Time.
    • South Africa is 6 hours behind, depending on Daylight Savings as an example.
  • Weather and Temperatures
    • You can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year around with two main distinctive seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season.
    • Bali’s central mountains (volcanoes) include several peaks over 3,000 meters in elevation. Up here, the temperatures are considerably cooler, and there is much more rainfall than in the coastal areas.
    • Dry and in-between months are: March to October. Temperatures are generally at around 27º Celsius.


  • Loose comfortable clothing
  • Light Scarf
  • Swimming costume & flip flops
  • Closed walking shoes or sneakers
  • Small Day Bag / Backpack
  • Slip-on Mesh Water Shoes
  • Camera (and memory card)
  • Small Padlock
  • Light rain jacket
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Colouring in pencils or felt tip markers
  • Pen
  • Zip lock plastic bags
  • Travel Insurance for Bali
  • Universal Waterproof Phone Case
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Water bottle
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Pocket tissues
  • Personal toiletries
  • Hand torch
  • Chargers & International Adaptors
  • Activated Charcoal or Imodium
  • Traveling First Aid Kit
  • Electrolyte sachets
  • Cash or Card
  • Passport & Drivers Licence
  • If on medication, please ensure it is clearly marked and kept by your bedside table. We strongly suggest you share this information with your room mate as an extra safety precaution.
  • We strongly advise that you do not bring with you any expensive jewellery and other valuables which are not secured by your insurance.


  • Confirmed travel tickets
  • Colour Copy E-Tourist Visa / Correct Stamped Visa in Passport
  • 2x Colour Passport Photos for Bali Immigration
  • Leave a copy of your full itinerary and flight details, plus a copy of your passport with a trusted friend/ family member / person fetching you on your return, where it is easily accessible