A transformative 3-month journey to tap into the depths of your divine feminine essence,

claim your sacred birthright, and step forward as the luminous, empowered woman you were born to become

A 3-month immersive and transformative journey to become a more embodied and authentic woman - allowing Your beauty to be harnessed and revealed inside and out!

what the program entails:

The marriage between inner masculine and feminine principles - mastering the dance between allowing/receiving, and initiating/giving.
Healing deep aspects of ourselves that have gone unnoticed and perpetuate patterns and cycles of self-sabotage and insecurity.
Bringing awareness to our hidden gifts and powers as we activate the strong divine feminine essence within us.
Using the powerful modalities of tantra and human design to unlock our body’s unique blue-print and unleash overflowing inspiration, creativity and joy.
Embodiment of the Phoenix
rising, reborn from the ashes, encircled in flames
Opening the container in October for a small group of women that want to learn and grow in the fields of tantra and human design -
and transform their lives!
There will be a total of 8 Modules of stunning video tutorials and homework assignments, 6 live group coaching calls, plus one-on-one support and mentorship.
Limited-time launch price: $888 for the first 3 Godesses.