"My heart's joy is seeing you remembering and confirming what you came here for."

What is the best way to find out if this is right for me? What can I expect?

The best way to find out everything about the Smiling Soul Retreats is to register for an upcoming info webinar hosted by Brett. We’ve designed the webinar to cover the itinerary for each Retreat in detail, provide insight into the teachings, stunning resorts, food and activities – and answer all the questions we typically get asked. Please select either Bali, India or South Africa from the Retreats tab to find out more about registering for a webinar. You will also qualify for a limited-time special on watching the webinar!

And of course we have tons of incredible reading and viewing material all over this site! Please do explore and enjoy the discovery.

What is the purpose of the Smiling Soul Retreat, what does it stand for and what is it you facilitate on the Retreat?

Our intention for the Smiling Soul Retreat is to expose beauty, oneness and love as it exists in every one of us in our natural state. This means being vulnerable, open and in flow with the Universe and honouring the gift of each moment which leads us to experience limitless joy, peace, love, purpose, gratitude and a deep inner fulfilment - something we all seek through each experience. It’s the feeling we first have when we fall in love. Living this way, life becomes a joyful celebration, we feel passionate about our goals and aspirations and we become contagious with enthusiasm, we are braver and live with greater courage in our hearts to dream big and manifest abundance for everyone.

How have you selected the places that we'll visit?

With richness of contrast and diversity in mind we want you to fully immerse yourself in the Retreat destination/s and environments. It's about having the most fun, an abundance of joy, letting go, opening your heart, enjoying new friendships and the ultimate celebration of being alive! Every aspect of this Retreat has been specifically designed for you to experience that.

Please tell me some more about Brett – who is he and what is it that he teaches?

Brett Shuttleworth is one of the most exciting talents to emerge from Africa. Brett has achieved the heights of success as a professional sportsman, supermodel, Hollywood actor, Corporate Sales Director, entrepreneur and adventurer. Today he shares his unique, exciting journey and the wisdom that has become organic for him through having undertaken it as an international inspirational speaker, teacher, cutting edge thought leader and pioneer of consciousness. He incorporates unusual ground-breaking practices to make the wisdom that he teaches to participants organic, including HoJo (Japanese martial arts sword-fighting practice), Yoga, and Meditation. But beyond Brett and his team are fully committed to securing that each participant walks away with the outcome they are seeking to find through each Retreat experience.

Drawing uniquely from his own riveting life journey and myriad of raw, enriching and self-transforming first-hand encounters, Brett has faced and overcome some of life's toughest challenges. From major operations to living homeless in Manhattan; negotiating deals in executive boardrooms to walking the ramp for the world’s most glamour brands such as Gucci, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, he has graced red carpets as a Hollywood actor, encountered closely criminals in jail, has partied with the Russian mafia, and has found victory in the darkest situations that he has come face to face with. The culmination of his successes and failures, and the wisdom unleashed through his cumulative journey, has led him to organically  uncover the message that he teaches today. 

Brett understands that life is about living it to the fullest in alignment with one’s highest inborn potential, and that this is a possibility for everyone - ready and waiting to be uncovered and unleashed, as we take this unique journey. The primary source of the teachings on each Retreat are based on 7 Sacred Miracles which Brett himself uncovered and shares with participants, with Love being the Ultimate Success and the outcome that makes every journey an absolute return on investment.

The Retreat sounds incredible. I know it’s for me but it’s just that I have [xyz excuse] (e.g. Not enough money, no leave, children to look after, a boss I have to ask, I am afraid to commit etc.)

How is this excuse limiting you in other areas of life? What if you could create a way to handle this obstacle/limitation/situation to your satisfaction, that would allow you the freedom to participate on the Retreat? Our limitations are almost always a result of our conditioned mind and are self-imposed. Set an intention – how hungry are you to discover the life of joy and love that you yearn for? Do you create your reality or are you in reaction to your thinking and feeling mind? We have a myriad of inspiring stories of participants taking out loans, resigning from their jobs, funding partners or friends to join, and other great initiatives that prove the willingness and desire of these people to take their life and their future into their own hands. They saw this Retreat for what it really is: an investment in themselves that starts to reap the benefits of attending it immediately, and in all areas of their lives, and a gift that never stops giving. This is what true life transformation is about.

I am considering another Retreat along similar lines. What sets the Smiling Soul Retreat apart from the rest?

Instead of a single aspect that sets us apart, it is the collective weight of all the below that makes this a unique experience that is guaranteed to change your life forever:

1.    A world-class host
Brett Shuttleworth is one of the most inspiring individuals on the planet today. As your host and facilitator, along with our dedicated and passionate Retreat Coordinator  and our extended team, each participant is held in a safe and loving space to step into full exploration of the most inspiring possibilities for their future, from the moment you sign on till you leave.

2.    Unique, powerful and practical teachings
Teaching of the 7 Sacred Miracles are accompanied by a comprehensive, holistic diary designed to provide you with all the tools and guidance to create and live the life of your dreams. Along with this you will receive a comprehensive guideline for each destination so that you are equipped to fully engage you with your surroundings.

3.    An array of the best destinations and attractions that each country has to offer
We have considered expert partner advice, tourist reviews and our own experience of travelling through each country and destination to bring you a journey that both showcases the best of the country, its culture, unique flavours, beautiful locations and tourist attractions, uniquely blended in perfection with the message that Brett facilitates through the journey.

4.    A structured program of activities that ensures your Retreat experience is nothing short of spectacular
We consider adventure and discovery and awe. We consider excitement and fun and balance. We consider diversity of experience, authentic interactions and a sense of wellbeing. In short, we are truly proud to have created and designed a show-stopping blend of experiences which forms part of our itinerary, from off-the-beaten-track, to the ‘must explore’. This sums your whole experience up in one word: Breathtaking! 

5.    A support system and becoming part of our Smiling Soul Community
You will be held each step of the way in an inspiring, light and powerful manner – from having someone to assist with carrying the luggage should you need - to a structured system which creates space for each breakthrough to be fully experienced at your own pace during the Retreat. You will become part of our Smiling Soul Retreat Facebook community and have your own dedicated WhatsApp group to share photos, messages and connect with your new family before, during and after the Retreat.

I am concerned to share a room. Will there be enough privacy?

Brett teaches that life begins 20% beyond the comfort zone – and that is why we encourage sharing! We have always had the best results in the past, with roomies often becoming best friends; we ensure to pair you with someone in the same age bracket and background. If you still feel that you’d prefer your privacy, then you may want to consider opting for the single supplement. Please see the Book Now page for single supplement charges for each Retreat.

What is included as part of the Retreat package? What is excluded?

As a general rule for all our Retreats, all stunning accommodation, Retreat activities and experiences, travel and transfer during the Retreat, teachings, facilitation, and most, if not all, meals are included in the Retreat Investment. International travel would be your major additional cost item when considering our Bali or India Retreats. Please visit the individual Retreat pages plus our ‘Book Now’ page for more detail on investment inclusions and exclusions.

How should I go about booking my flights to Bali?

The most direct route from most destinations is with Singapore Air via Singapore. Other options are Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong or Emirates via Dubai.

  • If you plan to arrive on the day that the Retreat begins, please book a flight arriving no later than 12:30pm in Denpasar, Bali on the first day of the Retreat. You will be collected at the airport on arrival; further detail will be provided in a Participant Prep Pack once your spot is confirmed.
  • If you plan to depart the day the Retreat ends, an ideal time is between 2-10pm. Transfer to the airport is included on start and end dates.
How should I go about booking my flights to India?

Book a flight that arrives in New Delhi at the start of the Retreat, and departs from Goa where we end the Retreat.

  • If you plan to arrive on the day that the Retreat begins, please book a flight arriving no later than 12.30 pm in New Delhi on the first day of the Retreat. You will be collected at the airport on arrival; further detail will be provided in a Participant Prep Pack once your spot is confirmed.
  • If you plan to depart the day the Retreat ends, an ideal time is between 2-10pm. Transfer to the airport is included on start and end dates.
Do I need a Visa?

You will be provided with detailed guidelines as to visa requirements for the Retreat you’ve selected to join on confirmation. In short, Bali for most nationalities has a free visa-on-arrival policy, with India requiring an E-tourist visa which you can apply for online.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

We highly recommend taking out travel insurance; this is to cover things like medical emergency evacuation, hospitalization and treatment, missed or cancelled flights, lost or stolen luggage and items, electronics damage, activities like whitewater rafting and parasailing (white-water rafting adventure rapids are Grades I, II, III and GradeIV), and anything else you would like covered.

We do have recommended travel insurance partners that offers comprehensive insurance customized for our Retreats, and you will be provided with the option of adding this to your booking when securing your spot.

How much extra spending money should I bring?

We always receive the feedback from participants that they spend very little over and above the Retreat price. In both India and Bali there are incredible shopping spots so we do recommend bringing a shopping budget! R3000 – R5000 for South Africans or $200 - $400 for the India and Bali Retreat will suffice for drinks, snacks and some shopping. On the South African Retreat, you will just need to cover your beverage costs.

I have a disability or medical condition; will you be able to accommodate me?

In the past we have done our best to accommodate for all kinds of disabilities and medical conditions, while balancing the needs of the group as a whole. Please contact us before booking your spot for a case-by-case assessment, taking into consideration any limitations of movement, level of assistance required  and whether or not it is possible to accommodate your needs.

Can I get in touch with other participants before the Retreat?

Yes! Five days prior to the Retreat start date we will kick off our WhatsApp group which will be used for comments, questions and planning concerning the Retreat. You may want to meet up with fellow participants at the airport if you are on the same flight. You can post questions relevant to the retreat on the WhatsApp group chat. Any individual questions or needs should be directly addressed with the Retreat Coordinator.

What are the participants like? Will I fit in?

When you decide to join the Retreat you immediately step into a new family. We hold no judgements, which is a fundamental ethos of our Retreat – no matter what your background, origin or part of the world you’re joining us from. We stand for exposing the beauty of each participant and assist in the realization that under the external cloak, we are all not so different from each other: we are all ultimately seeking the same thing, and are equally deserving of a gorgeous, awesome and beautiful life!

Am I too old/unfit/ready for something like this? What kind of person is this suited for?

Well the question should really be, who is it not suited for? We strongly encourage everyone and anyone to attend – the more out of your comfort zone the better. 

There is no physical component of the trip that is above any fitness level. We’ve had ladies in their 70’s river rafting and watching the sunset from the temple on a mountain summit. If they can… what are you telling yourself that makes you think you can’t?

Is the Retreat suitable for couples or children under 18?

Our Bali and India Retreats are an absolute hit with couples and offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect at a deeper level than ever before. We’ve had marriages saved on our Retreats!

We generally do not accommodate children under 12 years of age, and any under 18’s need to be accompanied by an adult. We have found that young adults are particularly impressionable and so the Retreat is a powerful option for parents wanting to bring their children looking for direction in life.

I am afraid to partake in one/some of the activities. Is it compulsory?

You can do whatever you like - no activity or session is compulsory and there are no rules or restrictions. We do highly recommend that you participate in as many of the structured enquiry sessions and activities that inspire you - step out of your comfort zone 20% and you won't regret it!

How is the Retreat structured? What is the balance between leisure and teaching time?

Over the course of the Retreat, Brett facilitates his teachings through interactive sessions, as a gradual build-up along the journey. You will be provided with a Retreat workbook containing tools and valuable content on each of the 7 Sacred Miracles and how to apply these in your life. During the sessions you are also provided the opportunity to specifically address your challenges in an informal Q&A style interaction. Each part of the Retreat is designed in such a way so that the teaching is experienced organically. The places we explore, the people we meet, and the adventures we embark on have been selected and structured to reflect and integrate each teaching while providing you the most complete and diverse experiences, and exploratory journey possible. 

The Retreat offers a great balance between self-exploration and learning, adventures that facilitate and support the teachings, and free down-time. And of course – all activities are optional although we rarely have a case where someone wishes to miss out on anything!

What is the weather like that time of year?

The temperatures vary from location to location and time of year. However we have chosen the best times of year for all our Retreats for optimal weather and making the best of what each place has to offer. 

You will be guided around this in the Steps to Prepare document, once you have enrolled. Most of the properties we stay at do have swimming pools if you have the need to cool down!

Can I use my local WhatsApp number in another country?

Yes. If you choose to purchase a local SIM card, all you need to do is keep the same WhatsApp number as you were on before, and not switch to your new SIM number. There is no charge to do this. You will be covered by Wifi networks and coffee shops where you can use your WhatsApp, same as in your home country.  If you don't plan on purchasing a local SIM, then you can switch off the cellular data and use wifi only. 

Are there ATMs? What currency should I bring with?

In short, yes. You can draw local currency just about anywhere, so you won’t need to bring foreign currency. More detailed insights are offered in the Digital Welcome Pack which you will receive once you sign on. 

Will I get sick from the food and water there?

We take utmost precautions to use services of trusted Vendors. You will receive full details of the do’s and don’ts while you travel and once you have signed on. 

Are there compulsory inoculations that I need to have before I travel?

This depends which country you are coming in from. If you are travelling in from a Yellow Fever country within 6 days of start of the Retreat, then you will need the relevant inoculations. Other than that, you will be provided full details once you sign on, as to guidelines for each country.